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Growing Marijuana Step by Step Guide: For the Small Scale Cannabis Home Grower by Brad Ramsay Growing Marijuana Step by Step Guide: For the Small Scale Cannabis Home Grower by Dec. 06, 2016 19881 words Sample 20%
Interested in growing Marijuana? Not sure if it's easy and safe to consume? Worried about legality? Then read this book and learn step by step how easy it is to order, grow, harvest and cook with Marijuana discreetly and how to benefit from its wellbeing properties. It describes cannabis cultivation, cloning and consumption - edibles, tinctures, vaping and juicing as well as making hash.
The Importance Of B2B Search Engine And Search Engine Optimization by Armand Rousso The Importance Of B2B Search Engine And Search Engine Optimization by Dec. 06, 2016 522 words Read a sample
Armand Rousso is a French businessman and the founder of Accoona.com, a business-to-business search engine and X3D Technology, which develops 3-D technology for the internet. He is now actively involved in trading of stamps.
Från Bob Dylans Garage by Thommy Sjöberg Från Bob Dylans Garage by Dec. 06, 2016 2122 words Read a sample
Från New York, Woodstock, New Orléans och Dinkytown i Minneapolis - En essä om Bob Dylans Chronicles
Jellybean Green by Lisa fincher Jellybean Green by Dec. 06, 2016 54542 words Sample 30%
A cautionary tale for revolting pre-teens. It'll do you good to remember, that just because you think you can, doesn't necessarily mean you should. And just because you've always been that way, doesn't mean you shouldn't change. But most importantly...and listen carefully. Everybody gets what they deserve....In the end.
Uncanny Tales of Crush and Pound 15 by Christopher D. Carter Uncanny Tales of Crush and Pound 15 by Dec. 06, 2016 19590 words Read a sample
On the orders of Director Roosevelt, Crush and Pound make their way on their journey through the Bear Ward to find a long lost friend. Dressed as angels in disguise, they muddle along through other realms until they find themselves at the mercy of a deadly enemy. Meanwhile, Dr. Tatum and Seth escape the clutches of Lord Felino . . . for a time.
THE PAULINE GROUP A Literary Society SYDNEY UNIVERSITY, 1949 – 1955 Edited by Julian Woods by Julian Woods THE PAULINE GROUP A Literary Society SYDNEY UNIVERSITY, 1949 – 1955 Edited by Julian Woods by Dec. 06, 2016 51087 words Read a sample
From 1946 for a dozen years The Pauline Group flourished, stimulating University and College life. Of great interest to poetry lovers and to families and friends of the many contributors. A landmark undertaking at the time demonstrating hidden excellences not apparent in the formal everyday courses of universities.
Clean Eating: A 15 Day Meal Plan of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss by supershake Clean Eating: A 15 Day Meal Plan of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss by Dec. 06, 2016 10053 words Sample 20%
Are you looking to make your lifestyle healthier but don't know where to start? Our 15 day clean eating diet is the perfect answer. The current trend in dieting that has taken the Internet by storm is the clean eating diet. However, unlike various other ‘diet’ trends, clean eating is much more than a fad diet. Clean eating is a healthy and refreshing lifestyle that will change your life.
The Girl From Space by Michael Kush Kush The Girl From Space by Dec. 05, 2016 79817 words Read a sample
The Girl from Space is an extraordinary 80 000-word novel about an amateur astronaut, Yolanda and a Xapien warrior, Gabriel whose paths collide in a mysterious portal as both try to survive the devastation of mass extinction of human race and Xapiens respectively.
How Retail Fixtures Help to Maximize Sales by Steve Bailey How Retail Fixtures Help to Maximize Sales by Dec. 05, 2016 983 words Read a sample
Retail fixtures are sometimes taken for granted by business owners. Here are a few of the ways in which retail fixtures can help to maximize sales.
Resulta fundamental durante las festividades, crear estrategias que permitan el control, la autoregulación y el autocuidado para llegar al año nuevo con un metabolismo sano y sin rollitos de más. En esta guía, te comparto 5 esferas de autocuidado para no llegar con kilos de más al 2017
Why Did She Say That? by Mario V. Farina Why Did She Say That? by Dec. 05, 2016 1489 words Read a sample
My girlfriend and I went to see Madame Lucy Teasdale, a psychic, for readings. She told us much that was unpleasant to hear. She told me that Sylvia was not right for me! I was angered by what I was being told but was forced to believe it. This story gives details of the readings and was the outcome.
Niharika by Hiranya Borah Niharika by Dec. 05, 2016 2736 words Read a sample
It is a sad story of a poor lady who was pushed to the flesh market by a group of people with conflicting interests.
Trials and Triumphs by Georgia McCain Trials and Triumphs by Dec. 05, 2016 32003 words Read a sample
The author, Georgia McCain, describes many of her experiences of her faith, including her conversion, hungering after holiness, struggles with Christian education of her children, the death of a grandchild, and calling to minister to rest home residents. Even though there were many trials, her experiences show the impact of prayer to achieve triumphs in making a difference in the lives of many.
What I Did This Summer by Davey Fitz by Michael Golvach What I Did This Summer by Davey Fitz by Dec. 05, 2016 7852 words Read a sample
Summer vacation is a time to relax and enjoy time off from school. But it's not always fun and games. And sometimes it can be a living hell. Free Origin Story from the upcoming novel "fiX" by Michael Golvach - http://mikegolvach.net
Songs For The Sacred Hoop by M. K. McCarthy Songs For The Sacred Hoop by Dec. 05, 2016 1439 words Read a sample
I send out these “songs for the sacred hoop” in solidarity and respect for Native Americans at Standing Rock and stand with veterans groups from across the country in support of their position on the pipeline issue. mac usmc
Thug Trade: The Extortionist's Lackey by Gavin Rockhard Thug Trade: The Extortionist's Lackey by Dec. 05, 2016 9101 words Read a sample
Eddie loves thugs, and today he's set up the encounter of a lifetime! He gets to be extorted by a studly mafioso who has to punish him when he comes up short. Eddie loves a little punishment, especially when it comes from the muscle-bound mafioso's first time! Can Eddie handle this mountain of macho mafia meat?
Erotica: Nursing Course by Tina Long Erotica: Nursing Course by Dec. 05, 2016 3152 words Read a sample
Jeff was really disappointed when he failed some of his exams. He had to find a substandard university. At first, he did not like it but he changed his mind when he met his chemistry teacher. Mrs. Singh was really hot and Jeff began flirting with her. He discovered some interesting details about her and this made their session hot. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: Cream for Birthday by Tina Long Erotica: Cream for Birthday by Dec. 05, 2016 3140 words Read a sample
Brian was a shy guy who lived with his sister, Jackie, and her best friend, Karen. Karen was a young mother and Brian enjoyed watching her breastfeed. For his birthday, Karen decided to give him an unforgettable present. It was full of pleasure, coaching and cream that help Brian gain some interesting skills. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: Helping A Cow by Tina Long Erotica: Helping A Cow by Dec. 05, 2016 3157 words Read a sample
After giving birth, Josie loved her new curves and chest but her husband did not like it. She desired to be wanted and praised as a woman. When she noticed that her neighbor was fascinated by her breasts, she let her desire guide her. She felt guilty and decided to confess but she never expected such reaction from her husband. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Milk Motivation: Medical Erotica by Tina Long Milk Motivation: Medical Erotica by Dec. 05, 2016 3141 words Read a sample
Jordan was always happy to see his doctor and this happiness turned into lust when his doctor developed a huge chest and attractive curves after her delivery. He decided to use a statement on his consent form to take advantage of the good doctor and she welcomed his advances since she was also in need. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Erotica: Milking Milf by Tina Long Erotica: Milking Milf by Dec. 05, 2016 3149 words Read a sample
Santos was really afraid when Gabriella, the mother of his girlfriend, found out about what they were doing in her house regularly. Gabriella was lonely since her husband was always away. She decided to own Santos but some unexpected events forced them to be connected for a long time. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Riding Shotgun by Kassy K Riding Shotgun by Dec. 05, 2016 7623 words Read a sample
Breaking down on a deserted road is never fun. Being rescued by a hot cowboy? Well, that definitely is. Riding Shotgun is a fun short story that is sure to have you dreaming of your own 21st century knight coming to the rescue. However this hero isn't riding a horse, he's driving a big jacked-up 4x4. Hold on - it's bound to be a very bumpy ride
Feeding Sitter: Erotica by Tina Long Feeding Sitter: Erotica by Dec. 05, 2016 3146 words Read a sample
After his painful divorce, Elvis kept his babysitter to look after his little ones when they were visiting him. Nancy was really caring as a babysitter and young mother. Elvis had to keep himself under control since he was fantasizing about her until she came one night after a party and made the first move. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)
Cross The Line I by Vbradley7 Cross The Line I by Dec. 05, 2016 19453 words Read a sample
Detective Alex Cross and his wife, Bree, team up to catch a killer causing chaos in Washington, D.C.
Threesome for Teacher by Shelby Horne Threesome for Teacher by Dec. 05, 2016 6751 words Sample 40%
Colleen's a divorced schoolteacher with one thing on her mind: the ticking of her biological clock. At a teacher's convention, she meets a couple young textbook salesmen with one thing on their minds: a chance to be with the most beautiful woman they've ever met. Can the two of them together satisfy all of Colleen's needs?
Little Lost Girl by Graham Wilson Little Lost Girl by Dec. 05, 2016 66079 words Read a sample
A little girl vanished 100 years ago. Her name was Sophie. Where did she go? An old house in Balmain. A portrait and perfume bottle hidden in a chimney. Unknown and untouched, while a century passed, their memory slowly fading. Glimpses of an eight year old girl and her school friend, missing, never found. The grief of those left behind, those who searched, those who yearned. Now a new search!
Amazing Answers to Prevailing Prayer by Georgia McCain Amazing Answers to Prevailing Prayer by Dec. 05, 2016 82332 words Read a sample
Author Georgia McCain cites many stories of amazing answers to prayer. Several are from her own personal experiences. Most, however, are from the experiences of many others, including ministers and religious leaders, military leaders, and ordinary people. All entries are from reliable sources used by permission of the writer himself or by someone who had the authority to grant her permission
The Reliability of the New Testament by Jason Davis The Reliability of the New Testament by Dec. 05, 2016 2560 words Sample 20%
How valid of a source is the New Testament? Do you find contradictions when reading through it? Constantine, a pagan leader who converted to Christianity on his deathbed, chose the books of the Bible that we know today. So many questions… The Reliability of the New Testament will encourage every believer to objectively review their position.
Love Like Crazy by Niki Embers Love Like Crazy by Dec. 05, 2016 111858 words Read a sample
College and career are hard enough without bringing love into the mix… But when Jesse and Kayla meet, their dreams merge into one. Until tragedy strikes. Now, thrust into a world of grief, others insist they are too young. But when you find the love of your life, all you can do is hold on and Love Like Crazy. Note: Love Like Crazy is a stand-alone story, and it doesn't have an evil cliffhanger!
DED Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip by Larry "Animal" Garner DED Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip by Dec. 05, 2016 114620 words Sample 20%
DED Reckoning is the much-anticipated sequel to D-E-D, DEAD. This new novel follows Eric "Hammer" Thorrsen as he heads to Colorado to find a distant relative but instead finds monsters... the kind that make and sell meth while using and abusing young women hooked on their poison. Hammer and his friends hand out their brand of punishment. Snarky humor, action, and sexy shenanigans abound.
LOVEIS ALL WE NEED! by Laura Fox LOVEIS ALL WE NEED! by Dec. 05, 2016 72904 words Sample 20%
Quantum healing methods are explored through diet, connection to source, daily movement, and a healthy mindset. Trans channeling of Yeshua by Pamela Aaralyn is a central theme of the entire writings. Learn the message Jesus truly came to teach. Know yourself through source, "I am" awareness.
Mistletoe & Mischief by Selena Page Mistletoe & Mischief by Dec. 05, 2016 26539 words Read a sample
Saratoga Springs is a winter wonderland for the Caprice Family during the holidays. But this year, a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Caprice draws the younger generation home early to deal with a mysterious faerie infestation. Along the way, they have some Christmas fun with laughter, love, and steamy stolen moments.
Out of Place by Susha Golomb Out of Place by Dec. 05, 2016 37332 words Read a sample
Serial kidnapping was not part of the itinerary for Miriam Mermelstein’s first underwater trip. She will need to be really creative about how she uses her magic gifts if she is going to escape. Out of Place is a humorous middle grade fantasy about choices. Miriam’s most important life choice may have been co-opted by her cat, but there is still plenty of room for her to mess up.
Kiss The Ladies Goodnight: (Jake Legato Private Investigator Series 1) by Copper Smith Kiss The Ladies Goodnight: (Jake Legato Private Investigator Series 1) by Dec. 05, 2016 19234 words Read a sample
Jake Legato was a detective for the Minneapolis Police department. But a really bad decision turned him into an ex-detective. Now he's a bouncer at a strip club in a dangerous neighborhood. When a serial killer targets several strippers for a series of gruesome murders, he's forced to put his detective hat back on -- because now he's the suspect.
December 21 Earthquake Pattern by Jonina Thorvaldsdottir December 21 Earthquake Pattern by Dec. 05, 2016 79 words Sample 99%
December 21 Earthquake Pattern
Bigger Is Better - 9 by Kelly Addams Bigger Is Better - 9 by Dec. 05, 2016 2689 words Read a sample
Part 9. Conscious of her weight Jennifer is not a happy girl, and the object of her desires, the handsome stranger that she sees daily on the bus also stares at her body in disgust, what can she do to change his opinion? She plans to diet, but understands that she has to love herself as she is before she can be truly happy, and being happy as a BBW is turning out to be more fun than she imagined!
Bath Time For Woofy Woofster by stephanie mesler Bath Time For Woofy Woofster by Dec. 05, 2016 2001 words Sample 20%
Bath Time for Woofy Woofster is the story of a Jack Russel Terrier who loves almost everything and everyone. The one thing he definitely does not love is taking a bath. Follow Woofy as he leads his favorite girl, Olivia Oatis, on a messy adventure through the town they call home.
The Hand of Faith by Kato Nkhoma The Hand of Faith by Dec. 05, 2016 23038 words Read a sample
Faith is a mystery that eludes many believers. This book seeks to help the believer unlock this mystery. It is this lack of understanding that hinders many from walking in supernatural victory and provision. As you read this book you will not only gain a better understanding of faith but you will learn how to make faith work for you.
Red Hood: Woods (Incest Erotica) by Crazy Ink Erotica Red Hood: Woods (Incest Erotica) by Dec. 05, 2016 4541 words Read a sample
I had no idea that my time spent trailing through the dark woods with my father would lead to a number of firsts for me. Not only did I discover that there was something more than just animal's lurking among the trees. I also learned what it felt like to be taken by my father for the first time, as we headed deeper into the woods to find out what had happened to Grandma. This is incest erotica.
Heather Falls in Love Part Two by Limey Lady Heather Falls in Love Part Two by Dec. 05, 2016 20660 words Read a sample
Disaster strikes when Ingrid falls for an Australian Viking-like surfer. After a year and a half of being a one-woman woman Heather responds by “catching up with missed opportunities” as she continues their world tour alone. Sadly, not all the people she meets are what they seem.
The Haiku of Art, Short Poetry and Art From a Virtual World by stephanie mesler The Haiku of Art, Short Poetry and Art From a Virtual World by Dec. 05, 2016 948 words Sample 20%
Short Poems from Stephanie Mesler (known and virtual worlds as Freda Frostbite) inspired by art from Lorelei Seetan.
Failed to Ignite by Mike Bozart Failed to Ignite by Dec. 05, 2016 1221 words Read a sample
The amazing Al Nino of New York City contacts the author out of the blue on a calm-after-the-storm fall weekday. Al gets in his usual zingers, while the author tries to figure out if he has been ripped off. Approx. 1200 words. Another one in the psecret psociety pshort pstory pseries.
Сказка 44ого калибра by Anna von Schardt Сказка 44ого калибра by Dec. 05, 2016 5938 words Read a sample
«Сказка 44ого калибра» весьма реальна, не смотря на все фантастические элементы. Это 4 «сказки» в стиле Гофмана о губительной любви, запретах общества, падении человека, борьбе света и тьмы. Ничего нового: просто чувства и судьбы двух связанных друг с другом людей, которые пронизывают эпохи.
Borrowed Tyme by S.L. Ziegler Borrowed Tyme by Dec. 05, 2016 18094 words Read a sample
Off Limits. I shouldn't touch her. It's forbidden, wrong, And dangerous. Naomi Minter is my best friend's daughter. I'm supposed to be looking out for her, Keeping her safe, While getting ready to take the music industry by storm. It seemed like a perfect plan, An easy task--anything I could do for a friend. Until I saw her, Watched her, And began to want her in ways that I can't ignore.
All the Hungry Ghosts - A Short Story by Math Bird All the Hungry Ghosts - A Short Story by Dec. 05, 2016 5695 words Read a sample
A disfigured henchman haunted by his past. A lonely, abused internet bride. Brought together by their hatred of one man and an ancient Chinese ceremony designed to appease the ghosts that curse them. What begins as harmless superstition quickly leads to jealousy, revenge and murder.
Worries (In Marathi) by Dada Bhagwan Worries (In Marathi) by Dec. 05, 2016 8156 words Read a sample
In today’s world, worry, stress and anxiety seem to have become part of daily life. Everybody is looking for a way to get rid of worries. In the book “Worries”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan offers unique spiritual insight into how to cope with anxiety, and how to live a spiritual life of no worries. For those wondering how to get inner peace, this book will prove an invaluable resource.
Up In Smoke by J Clymer Hammitt Up In Smoke by Dec. 05, 2016 1987 words Read a sample
Upon their romantic dinner at home going up in flames, they decide to go out to eat, leaving their home unprotected.
Сиянье ночи (117 стихов) by Olga Koreneva Сиянье ночи (117 стихов) by Dec. 05, 2016 8010 words Read a sample
Этот стихотворный сборник – цунами эмоций, яркий и страстный мир переживаний, идущих вперехлёст, это потрясение, катарсис, радуга, сверкающий на солнце горный водопад. Эти стихи очищают душу, сжигают всю накипь и суетность житейскую, распахивают врата в новый мир. Книга эта – исповедь талантливой поэтессы и прозаика Ольги Кореневой.
My Cajun Recipes by Billy Mitchell My Cajun Recipes by Dec. 04, 2016 2417 words Read a sample
My Cajun Recipes presents twelve great Cajun Recipes.
What you like - deutsch by Volker Schunck What you like - deutsch by Dec. 04, 2016 2152 words Read a sample
Vielleicht blogge ich seit 15 Jahren. In diesem Buch finden Sie die Gedichte die "Likes" bekommen haben. Ich hoffe Ihnen gefällt meine Auswahl so sehr wie den Leserinnen und Lesern meines Blogs.