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Family Quickies 1: My Mom, Marsha by JC Rivendale Family Quickies 1: My Mom, Marsha by Aug. 20, 2017 3917 words Read a sample
I'm laid up in bed with little to do other than count spiders in the corners of the room. Why is my Mom suddenly so freaking hot?
Judge Samson by Hyuna Jang Judge Samson by Aug. 20, 2017 15181 words Read a sample
This book presents a careful analysis of Samson from his prophesied birth to his victorious death. It draws insightful parallels to the current era, bringing the text into relevancy and applicability for contemporary readers. The riddle of the mighty man's life is unfolded for reader with eyes to see.
His Name Was Edgar Quimby by ElshaHawk and Eddie-Joe Young His Name Was Edgar Quimby by Aug. 20, 2017 2700 words Read a sample
An aspiring journalist sets out to discover the truth in a story from a self-proclaimed traveler from the stars.
W.C. Democracy by Wesley Cragg W.C. Democracy by Aug. 20, 2017 22446 words Read a sample
W.C. Democracy is a means to an end. This seed will eventually grow into world peace...or it may be the end of us all, only time will tell. Be warned though, this book is a direct threat to the Oligarchy political system and all of the lying, crooked, sleazy, unethical, immoral and corrupt politicians who operate within it. It is a dangerous book and one should be cautious before downloading it.
Blizzardstar's Choice by Morgan Leslie Blizzardstar's Choice by Aug. 20, 2017 37528 words Read a sample
Blizzardstar has only recently become the new leader of IceClan. After a recent battle with their neighbors, Blizzardstar is feeling particularly smug. But; he is shocked to find that his former leader had come to visit him in a dream. If IceClan wants to continue to live in the forest, peace must reign over battle and bloodshed. When the time comes, will Blizzardstar make the right choice?
Phantom Origins by George McVey Phantom Origins by Aug. 20, 2017 11076 words Read a sample
Find out how the legend of The Phantom Horse and Rider is formed. Starting with the heroic sacrifice of Harold Gladstone and his faithful steed Thor. To how they become the Guardian's of Phantom Horse. What's the secret about the Phantom Horse Bridge and get sneak peeks at some of the stories that will be the books of the series.
Teeth by Omle Teeth by Aug. 20, 2017 3018 words Read a sample
An exposition on teeth formation, arrangement, gum lines and the possibly related.
Muyassar Sattarova-Imona by Muyassar Sattarova Muyassar Sattarova-Imona by Aug. 20, 2017 1699 words Sample 20%
Imona is about how to achieve success in everything!
The Secret Agent by Vincent Gray The Secret Agent by Aug. 20, 2017 7680 words Read a sample
It was difficult to fathom Sheldon. He did come across as a hard line Leftist or Marxist. This was confusing for me and for the others. Was he phony or was he genuine. I could honestly not tell at the time.
Vitriol by Wes Rígel Vitriol by Aug. 20, 2017 13804 words
Carros sem motorista, comida sob demanda, vida sem trabalho e saúde perpétua: este é o mundo de Nicolas. Obcecado por Helena, Nicolas fica amargurado ao descobrir que a moça morreu de maneira trágica. Mas Helena não vive no mundo de Nicolas: ela vive em um mundo simulado, criado para entreter as pessoas ociosas do mundo de Nicolas.
La vita, istruzioni per l'uso by Guido Sperandio La vita, istruzioni per l'uso by Aug. 20, 2017 4233 words Read a sample
Ecco qui pensieri ed esternazioni, storie, fatti e persone, spesso tra il surreale e il demenziale, dove la nostra vita odierna esce comica, tutta da ridere, nei suoi vari aspetti quotidiani. Quest'ebook inaugura la serie TELEGRAMMI, concepita in linea con quest'epoca di tweet: dire in due righe quello che, a volte, duecento e passa pagine non bastano a esprimere.
La mécanique de l'abîme by Saïd La mécanique de l'abîme by Aug. 20, 2017 2402 words Read a sample
Les gens qui prétendent savoir comment l’écriture fonctionne disent qu’il faut observer les gens, comme si de la nature humaine pouvait s’extraire une essence dont la récolte constituait une activité en soi. Atteint du syndrome de la page blanche, Gabriel doutait de cette théorie.
Raiders of the Dawn by M. Benjamin Woodall Raiders of the Dawn by Aug. 20, 2017 44376 words Read a sample
Investigating the disappearance of their physics teacher one night, two high school boys step through a portal to Angoll and now must complete a quest to find a way back to Earth, all the while evading the minions of the dragon Morgana, whose sinister plans of conquest include the Earth.
Four Steps To Eternity by Rodney Fereday Four Steps To Eternity by Aug. 20, 2017 54185 words Read a sample
'Four Steps To Eternity' is a refreshing, simply crafted insight into the teachings of Jesus as found in the Four Gospels of the New Testament. The writer shares his insights and feelings in a touching way, which immediately encourages the reader to actually become engrossed in the discourse.
The Sixties by Daniel Hargrove The Sixties by Aug. 20, 2017 655 words Read a sample
The whole decade encapsulated in one slim volume! I know you'll love it! Almost true!
Flexa vs. Doctor Maelstrom by Den Warren Flexa vs. Doctor Maelstrom by Aug. 20, 2017 2115 words Read a sample
Doctor Maelstrom is sent to get revenge on a little girl. He runs into the wrong one.
Nina's World by Mike and EZ Nina's World by Aug. 19, 2017 72514 words Read a sample
Nina's World is a Science Fiction novel by Mike and EZ.
Book Titles Generated by Grigorios Zorzos Book Titles Generated by Aug. 19, 2017 36177 words Read a sample
Book Titles Generated
Crossword Find Numbers by Grigorios Zorzos Crossword Find Numbers by Aug. 19, 2017 18775 words Read a sample
Crossword Find Numbers
Rewards by Daniel Hargrove Rewards by Aug. 19, 2017 740 words Read a sample
This work of five poems is very long and tedious to read until the very end. It might take hours, even days, possibly years to absorb. It might tickle your funny bone a time or two as well, but it definitely won't leave you wondering why in the hell I wrote it. For your pleasure and amusement!
The Teithwyr by R.A. VanZuiden The Teithwyr by Aug. 19, 2017 681 words Read a sample
You open your eyes to complete darkness. It feels as if somebody is pounding on your head with a hammer...
For the Whored 4: A Blood Elf in Love by GG Ryan For the Whored 4: A Blood Elf in Love by Aug. 19, 2017 55721 words Read a sample
Elunara has been captured, but her wit and resourcefulness keeps her helps her save another. Will this blood elf find her place in town? The next tantalizing installment of the wild and crazy World of Warcraft fanfiction.
The Pick by footballgirl32 The Pick by Aug. 19, 2017 82288 words Read a sample
Who will she pick to spend forever with?
Untitled by William Markham Untitled by Aug. 19, 2017 1260 words Sample 20%
Selected poems by author William C. Markham. Ranging from dark and brooding to inspirational. Mostly dark and brooding though.
Dirty Pool: Seven Poems by Daniel Hargrove Dirty Pool: Seven Poems by Aug. 19, 2017 599 words Read a sample
This book of seven poems are my incorrigible musings on sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll! This is a book for adults, miscreants and hypocrites, Enjoy! And please review!
Action Guys: The Secret War by Den Warren Action Guys: The Secret War by Aug. 19, 2017 16156 words Read a sample
A regular guy is out looking for Italian sausage when he becomes embroiled in a desperate conflict between two brutal factions.
How to Start a Blog Today: A Free Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Create a Blog in 20 minutes by Scott Chow How to Start a Blog Today: A Free Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Create a Blog in 20 minutes by Aug. 19, 2017 7441 words Sample 10%
Starting a blog doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. Learn how to create a beautiful, customized blog that you love with this free guide from Scott Chow of TheBlogStarter.com
You don't have to be DEAD to work here... But it helps by Michael Christopher Carter You don't have to be DEAD to work here... But it helps by Aug. 19, 2017 31503 words Read a sample
A voice in the darkness... Angharad's simple life is about to take a complicated and sinister turn. Hearing her name called in the local store, Angharad turns but there is no-one there. Then, every night, the hideous voice taunts her as soon as darkness falls. Who could it be, and what could they possibly want? Angharad must find out. If she doesn't, it could cost her her life.
The Little Etiquette Guide -Volume 1 by Adefunke Akoni The Little Etiquette Guide -Volume 1 by Aug. 19, 2017 5075 words Sample 20%
Etiquette is much more than keeping your elbows off the dining table or holding the door behind you. It is more about being civil, which is indeed the foundation of our human existence or society. The Little Etiquette Guide provides simple tips to get you started in the right direction.
The Schinderlings by Mykee Steen The Schinderlings by Aug. 19, 2017 91765 words
Two modern-day princes, Samoht and Leahcim, have been raised in the U.S., estranged from their culture, but a yearning to explore the world brings them to confront their place in it. Hearing whispers of their divine blood and witnessing proof of it soon after forces the brothers to prepare themselves not only to be leaders of a small nation, but also guardians for all humankind.
The Guide for Vegan Nutrition: Common Vegan Nutrition Questions and Concerns by Chef Eitan Raz by Chef Eitan Raz The Guide for Vegan Nutrition: Common Vegan Nutrition Questions and Concerns by Chef Eitan Raz by Aug. 19, 2017 15612 words Sample 15%
Discover the truth behind vegan nutrition and your body and make effective choices every day with this accessible resource and guidebook for healthy vegan living.
PPP 2017 CEJA-SLO by EDUARDO ORBEN, Sr PPP 2017 CEJA-SLO by Aug. 19, 2017 14585 words Read a sample
PPP 2017
Trane by Ross Elder Trane by Aug. 19, 2017 4997 words Read a sample
A short story featuring a new action character being developed by Ross Elder. Hardcore action and old fashioned adventure await as we discover just who, or what, is driving John Trane to violence.
Enjambment by Peter Schutes Enjambment by Aug. 19, 2017 6328 words Read a sample
Set in 1980, "Enjambment" is one of the last works of short fiction written by Peter Schutes before his death. A gay man seduces his straight friend from the country club weight room using an unconventional hypnotic technique. This work demonstrates how well he was able to capture the zeitgeist of the period.
The Fragrance of Fresh Jasmine by Vincent Gray The Fragrance of Fresh Jasmine by Aug. 19, 2017 5796 words Read a sample
Her weeping over her loss of faith in the early hours of the morning, in the pitch darkness before dawn, woke me up from a deep slumber. I had fallen asleep after we had made love. All this time she had been lying awake in anguish. In desperation she asked me like a child: ‘What must I do now if there is no God?’
Hell Is Real!!! by Billy Prewitt Hell Is Real!!! by Aug. 19, 2017 2504 words Read a sample
Is Hell real? Who is in danger of going there? What can I do to make sure it isn't me? Find out the answers to these questions in this little booklet that will give you the answers that the Bible gives.
Life is Only a Game Baseball is Serious by Bill Russo Life is Only a Game Baseball is Serious by Aug. 19, 2017 7615 words Read a sample
People who love baseball do strange things. The best basketball player on the planet gave up millions of dollars and left the NBA to play for a thousand a month with a low level minor league baseball team. The world's first millionaire author would trade every dollar if he could have played just one season of professional hardball. Here are some baseball tales, all true but the last one.
The Best Husband Ever by Ina Disguise The Best Husband Ever by Aug. 19, 2017 1804 words Read a sample
The story of how Kira Cedar and Sam Redwood met, and the truth behind the legend of Sam Redwood.
Mr Nice Guy by Kennie Kayoz Mr Nice Guy by Aug. 19, 2017 989 words Read a sample
Ever wanted to open my book and wonder who I am in real life... Mr Nice Guy...
Bear Prince by Emma Alisyn Bear Prince by Aug. 19, 2017 46421 words
A curvy, small town ballerina. A Bear Prince yearning for his mate. An archaic law forbidding them to wed... This 37K paranormal romance is for readers who enjoy billionaire alpha males, interracial (bwwm) couples and happily ever afters. Standalone, first in the Royal Bears series.
The Earth is One: Powerful Secrets from Africa's Oldest Religion by Brian Ewuzie The Earth is One: Powerful Secrets from Africa's Oldest Religion by Aug. 19, 2017 8693 words Read a sample
Use the secrets of Odinala, the ancient, mysterious religion of the Igbos, to cope with the pressures of modern life. Learn how to tap energy from the sun to increase your confidence and spiritual power, how to protect yourself from negative people and circumstance and how to send psychic friend requests in the real world like you do on social media.
As a Poet, I have a Confession by Doug Baird As a Poet, I have a Confession by Aug. 19, 2017 763 words Read a sample
A small selection of dark and light pieces of humor and reflection.
The Cerebex Acquisition by Den Warren The Cerebex Acquisition by Aug. 19, 2017 4522 words Read a sample
Roid Rage and the Blue Retaliator again team up to take on the latest threat to Neogothic City. This humorous short story is set in the ongoing saga of the Unbelievable Universe.
Retaliator's Blues by Den Warren Retaliator's Blues by Aug. 19, 2017 5125 words Read a sample
Roid Rage and The Blue Retaliator team up to fight crime in a short story set in Neogothic City in the humorous Unbelievable Universe.
1,000 lines Magic sequence by Grigorios Zorzos 1,000 lines Magic sequence by Aug. 18, 2017 40175 words Read a sample
1,000 lines Magic sequence
The Days And Nights by Chanchal The Days And Nights by Aug. 18, 2017 832 words Read a sample
The collection of five very short stories from the writer chanchal.
She Chose Me by Mario V. Farina She Chose Me by Aug. 18, 2017 346 words Read a sample
Ann and I went to the Humane Society to see about adopting a cat. We were planning only to look. When we got there, everything changed in a hurry. This is a story about Minnie. I think you'll like it.
Children of Legend by Kenneth Brooks Children of Legend by Aug. 18, 2017 40054 words Read a sample
Legends have to be born and they all have childhoods. These three children have powerful psychic abilities, how will the world react to them if they are found out?
6 Erotic Stories: Older Man & Younger Woman (Regency Lady) by Rosie Zweet 6 Erotic Stories: Older Man & Younger Woman (Regency Lady) by Aug. 18, 2017 15807 words Read a sample
1. For Uncle's Heir 2. In My Father's Arm 3. Ride to London 4. From an Innocent Miss to a Bride 5. Forbidden Love 6. In Name Only
NOBILIS: When The Cronquist Blossomed by Stephen Coghlan NOBILIS: When The Cronquist Blossomed by Aug. 18, 2017 3692 words Read a sample
When their transport ship is ambushed, Commander X’xir must rely on the very species that he has scorned and rejected through his entire military career, humans, in order to save his life.